Why is my property taking so long to find a tenant?

In this current rental market it does take longer to find a suitable tenants and for some properties is may take more effort and different approaches. This is because tenants have more choices now. Rental price is extremely important for this market and need to be adjusted accordingly as it can change fast. If your property is not looked after by the right Property Manager there is more financial loss to you.

As a Property Manager it hurts to see you without any rental income. At Whitestone, we always work hard to secure good tenants for our clients and within a short timeframe.

This is how we manage to minimise your weekly rental loss:

– We assess the market thoroughly and provide update frequently so you can make an informed decision promptly

– We do more than just open homes. We upsell your property.

– We follow up on all prospective tenants, including ones in our database

– We interact and ask for tenants’ feedbacks

– We do private inspections everyday, including Sundays

If your properties are not well look after, it is a simple process to change Agent.

Give us a call and we will take care of the rest for you.

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