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Welcome to Rouse Hill, 2155. Rich in history, this long-standing suburb in the Hills District is 43km and 19km from the centres of Sydney CBD and Parramatta, respectively. At 10.7km2, real estate in Rouse Hill attracts investors and residents alike with its 10 parks and many community amenities and facilities.

As of the last census, Rouse Hill saw a 6.4% increase in population. Now, 8,000 people live in Rouse Hill, predominantly represented by maturing couples and families (27%). There are also established couples and families (24%) and older couples and families (17%). There is a trend towards more people renting in the suburb. Although 75% are reported to be owner-occupier.

Why choose to invest here?

At the heart of the suburb is Rouse Hill Town Centre, which contains a busy Town Square. Providing residents of Rouse Hill and surrounding suburbs with a multitude of amenities, including shopping and medical. It also provides a wonderful family-friendly community feel.

As such, this is a welcoming suburb for many types of households, real estate in Rouse Hill is a great investment.

As rated by residents, the top reasons to live here in Rouse Hill include great schools, the area being safe and sound, the abundance of parks and recreation, shopping options and the many close-by options for eating out.

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Looking to sell your home in Rouse Hill? We’re Whitestone Agency, a team of real estate professionals. We bring a wealth of experience in finance and engineering as well. This translates to prudent management of and a personal touch to the whole home sales process for you.

As such, we understand important data like the median sales price of houses in Rouse Hill is $1,050,000. With this, and a range of other metrics, we will provide accurate (and free) market appraisals that will inform the selling process.

Property Management in Rouse Hill

Protect your investment in real estate in Rouse Hill. The team at Whitestone Agency are proud that we provide exceptional property management services. In this way, we ensure we can deliver the best possible returns for our clients.

We achieve maximum financial returns through providing priority access to market intelligence. Moreover, we give detailed reporting on inspections and maintenance and industry-best training, education and resources. We also operate a zero-tolerance policy towards rent arrears.

Is it time we talked about your real estate Rouse Hill investment? Please contact us 7 days a week. We’re on hand to discuss any opportunities for you to buy, sell or invest in the Rouse Hill area.

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